Information technology



Our experts have a doctorate in mathematics, computer science graduate and similar qualifications with more than 20 years of practical experience of numerous projects a corresponding wealth of accumulated knowledge. This shared knowledge base – besides acquired knowledge especially practical know-how – we provide our clients for their project plans available.

Project Management

The project experience of our project managers from many projects reduce current project timelines and costs. Our clients can act flexibly in important phases of the project and have resources, without long term to increase their personnel costs. From knowledge transfer during the project the internal professionals our clients benefit far beyond the project.


From the implementation of growth strategies to restructuring and optimizing processes – our IT-experts support the clients in all phases of their projects. Our IT consultants accompany and support the customer in all phases of their IT and IT-related projects. They work closely together with their employees, professionals, IT departments and users to “just-in-time” and “on budget” to complete the project successfully .


  • Organizational and process-protective projects
  • Knowledge Management implementations
  • Business integrative solutions