With the merger of experts from medicine, law, IT consultants and top managers our specialized consultancy is working together with our network of partners in different, dedicated service areas within the German-speaking countries.

Seriousness & Efficiency

As a reputable business consultancy, we are characterized by our clear benefits. We supply our clients. We provide realistic performance, schedule and cost estimates and strive to comply with this just-in-time and just-in-budget. As consultants, we provide recommendations and assist in the implementation of the proposed modifications, until our clients can continue the tasks without assistance.


A precision landing in terms just-in-time and just-in-budget, even in a difficult project environment. Moreover, it is our goal to protect our clients so expertly, so that they primarily focus on their strategic tasks and challenges in their core business.

Our Core Values


We focus on individual potential of our employees and partners. In this process, we encourage more upgrading existing strengths as an attempt to eliminate in-assessment of the employee or partner weaknesses.


We focus on the essentials, based on the maxim “less is ultimately more”. For us it is crucial to do the right things, as the vain attempt to undertake to do everything right.


We accept the challenges of innovative tasks, if we can ensure the quality and functionality of these innovative solutions.

Our Principles


The appreciation of every individual being, regardless of the functions and roles of the respective related decision-making is the basis of our business policy.


We encourage and challenge a pronounced feedback and error culture. Constructive feedback oflearning from mistakes, are the generators for our ongoing development.


We call a spade a spade. Clarity and transparency create trust.


We are open mind to other opinions and attitudes in a multicultural environment, to live in and work together.


We place great emphasis on compliance with previous guidance and agreements. We communicate the warning signals in time when agreed milestones are endangered.

Customer Focus

We see ourselves as partners of our customers and thus share responsibility for their success. In addition to ongoing training, we are committed to their goals and by our understanding of the individual requirements.